Mission - St. Elijah


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Lyrics: Carmel - Oklahoma 
Music: Carmel of Jesus, Mary & Joseph,
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, West Malaysia.

Today to Saint Elijah
We lift our hearts appeal
For graces of His worship
and courage of His zeal

Upon the slopes of Carmel
In solitary prayer,
He heard God's message whispered
Upon the gentle air.

In deeps of contemplation
He learned God's holy will;
And then went forth with ardor
His mission to fulfill.

He pleaded with His people
to place in God their trust
Denounced the wicked rules,
The faithless, the unjust

May we in other ages;
God's sacred laws avow;
And listening to His spirit
Fulfill our missions now.

To love our great Creator
His Son and Spirit heed;
and so to love each other
And live our Christian creed 

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