The Carmelite Shield


An Abbreviated Explanation of the Shield of the Order 

  • Upon the Carmelite escutcheon there is a mountain in brown and 3 stars. Above, there is a crown with the motto: "With zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of Hosts". Here are contained in symbols the spirit and the history of Carmel.
  • The mountain denotes Mount Carmel, the birth place of the Order. It indicates the spirit of contemplation and prayer for the Church and the welfare of all mankind. This is peculiar to Carmel.
  • The Carmelite colours of brown and white are to show that Mary, who gave us the Brown Scapular is the Mother of Carmel. The Crown signifies Mary as Queen of Carmel.
  • The three stars stand for the 3 spiritual traditions of the Order - the eremitical tradition in the star on the right, the prophetic tradition in the star on the left, and the Marian tradition in the star in the centre.
  • The Cross on the summit of the mountain unites the various elements of the Order's tradition giving them their real meaning in the history of our salvation by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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