St Teresa of Avila - A Journey of Love


2015 marks the 500th birthday of St Teresa of Avila and plans world-wide for personal renewal have been under way 2010 by all the Discalced Carmelite family.

Saint Teresa of Jesus, or Teresa of Avila, was conferred the title 'Doctor of the Church' by Pope Paul VI on September 27, 1970. She is the first woman to have been given this title. The favours that God blessed her with served to develop her natural qualities to the fullest. Here endearing warmth, rare gift for communicating with people, business acumen, sparkling wit, astuteness, common sense, great empathy and understanding as well as psychological and spiritual perception are just some of her personality traits that make her both special and inspiring.

Her spiritual masterpiece 'The Interior Castle' shows us the depth of her interior world or mystical side. The Divine indwelling in the soul is the foundation of her doctrine. She tells us that what Our Lord promised is possible. God does not make His home in us. He does speak to us as a friend. She shows us the simple steps of a growth and movement whose end is nothing else than a transforming union with God - a goal which all can attain.

Heaven is possible on earth for those who love God. After having done whatever we can, everything remains in God's hands as best embodied in this sentence: "...leave it in the hands of the Lord, for it is His business and He will bring much good from it all."

We hope that through this pictorial book on her extraordinary life, many will come to imbibe her spirit of a deep and intimate relationship with God through Jesus. May her unwavering dedication to God continue to teach and inspire us, ordinary mortals, to make that leap of faith and surrender ourselves to Him.




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